More Prescription Drug DUI Arrests in Georgia

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An Aging Population Puts People at Risk For a DUI Arrest

In recent years there have been fewer alcohol-related DUI arrests in Georgia.  This is a good thing.  People are learning to have a designated driver or use ride-sharing services.  

That being said, with an aging population there has been an increase in the use of prescription drug usage.  With increased usage of medication, there is a potential risk of prescription drug abuse. 

The genesis of the problem seems to be that people are given different prescriptions from more than one physician.  The result can be a failure to understand the interaction between the medication.  This is why it is so important to inform your doctor of any medications you are taking.  

The bigger problem is actually when a person is taking their medications as prescribed and is still potentially impaired.  Many people have a false sense of security in the fact that they are taking their doctor's advice verbatim.  I am often asked, "how could I have gotten a DUI when I took my medication as prescribed?" 

Having a Valid Prescription is Not a Defense to a DUI:

The law is very clear when it comes to whether a person can be charged with driving under the influence of prescription drugs. All persons must be safe to drive and cannot be under the influence of any substance that makes a person less safe to drive than had they not consumed the substance. DUI Less Safe is the most common type of DUI In Georgia

Since it is incumbent for anyone to make sure he or she is safe to drive, I suggest that people have loved-ones or friends observe how medications impact a person's judgment and motor skills before operating an automobile.  If you notice that a drug has adverse effects, then see your doctor.  Many times a simple change in dosage can clear up any potential impairment, Then, make sure that friends and family continue to monitor the driver.

Please be safe and understand that you may save a life, including your own.  In you are unfortunately charged with a prescription drug DUI in Georgia, call now.  We can help.  

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