Most Common Misconceptions About Georgia DUI Law

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As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I dedicate a fair amount of time to answering questions about DUI law in the state of Georgia. I have mentioned it in prior posts, but most people are amazed to find out that Georgia has some of the strictest DUI laws in the country.

OCGA §40-6-391 is the statute that outlines DUI in Georgia. If you look at this section of the Georgia Code, you will see how long the law is. The statute includes everything from alcohol intoxication to being under the influence of prescription medication.

In today's post, I will outline some of the most common misconceptions about Georgia DUI Law that I encounter.

Misconceptions About Georgia DUI Law

  1. “A DUI will come off of my record.” - False.
  2. “I can get my DUI conviction expunged.” - False.
  3. “I will be convicted of DUI if I tested above the legal limit.” - False.
  4. “It looks worse if I refuse testing.” - False.
  5. “A lawyer can guarantee that my DUI case will be dismissed.” - False.
  6. “My personal connections will help my case get dropped.” - False.
  7. “The result of my prior DUI case can be changed now.” - False.
  8. “I was not read my rights during my arrest, so my case will be dismissed.” - False.
  9. “DUI Laws are the same in every state.” - False.
  10. “This is my first offense, so the penalties will not be bad.” - False.

Practice Note

One final note is something that I stress to anyone who has been arrested for DUI in Georgia - do not try to handle your DUI case on your own. The law is complicated, and no matter how confident you are in the faults of your case, you will not be able to competently represent yourself.

If you have been arrested for DUI, call our offices today. A Georgia DUI Attorney can help you with your case now.

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