Never Pay a Traffic Ticket Without First Speaking to a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney

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Many traffic citations can be resolved outside of court. However, just because a person can pay a ticket, does not mean paying it is in their best interest.  Tickets such as speeding, running a stop sign, following too closely can ordinarily be paid before going to court. 

There are many instances where paying your tickets ahead of time can be a bad idea.  Always remember that paying a citation is tantamount to pleading guilty in court.  When a person pleads guilty, there are often severe collateral consequences. 

There are also instances where some tickets cannot be paid without first attending court.  Mandatory court appearances are required in cases where the punishment is likely to be more than just the payment of a fine.  Also, most courts require the accused to appear where a person may also lose their driver's license if convicted.

Citations involving a collision are many times not payable without first attending court. For instance, in Forsyth County State Court, if you receive a citation related to an automobile accident, you must appear in person to dispose of your citation. Furthermore, even if some courts allow you to pay your citations involving an accident, it is always best to consult with a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney first.

Paying your ticket admits guilt. Admitting guilt in a criminal case would expose you to civil liability if your accident involved any injuries. Your Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer can advise you on the best course of action to limit civil liability, as well as try for a reduction of your charges. 

Some traffic citations, although payable before attending court, will result in a license suspension.  If you are under the age of 18, the accumulation of 4 or more points on your driver's license will result in a point suspension. If you are between the ages of 18 and 21, pleading guilty to a four or more point offense such as reckless driving or passing a school bus, will result in a license suspension. 

Super speeder tickets may also be payable before attending court. Many people do not realize that paying a traffic citation admits guilt, and the Georgia Department of Driver Services will subsequently mail you a super speeder fine, in addition to the citation already paid. We can many times have a speeding citation reduced to avoid a subsequent super speeder fine. 

We receive calls from people cited for payable traffic citations on a daily basis. Many of our callers in these types of situations have already paid their citations. As a result, many are surprised their license has since been suspended.   There is not much an attorney can do for a person who has already closed their case.  The time when a Atlanta Traffic Ticket Lawyer can help is when the case is still pending. 

Furthermore, it is possible to receive a citation for a payable offense in addition to a payable offense. In these situations, you should always speak with an attorney first. For instance, many of our clients are cited for failure to maintain lane as well as driving under the influence. The speeding citation may be considered a payable offense in some courts, while the DUI citation is not. Paying your citation for failure to maintain lane before attending court for your DUI could be detrimental your DUI defense. A prosecutor can use your admitted guilt for failing to maintain your lane to show you were a less safe driver in your DUI case.  

The bottom line is, even though a traffic ticket may be payable before going to court, it is always best to consult with an attorney before paying a ticket. 

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