New Apple Watch Accessory Can Monitor Blood Alcohol Content

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One of the most common questions, when asked about DUI, is how much can I drink while still being under the legal limit? Well, it seems that developer that work on Apple Watch applications are trying to help. They are developing applications to help users check their blood alcohol content (BAC) on the go. Before now, the public is familiar with Apple Watch monitoring heart rate, activity level, step count, and other similar options. This development of a BAC monitor could be a game changer for people who want to drink responsibly. 

BACtrack is a San Francisco based company that has been developing breathalyzers for consumers since 2001. Recently, they created Skyn, which comes with Apple Watch strap options that allow the user to check their BAC from their wrist on the go. The BAC Tracker for Apple Watch will help users not only track their blood alcohol content “passively, accurately, and real-time” but also give them a glimpse of how their body metabolizes alcohol and when they are within sobriety range. Users can download the iPhone App to accompany the Watch.  The App will show people how their BAC is changing while they drink and give them an idea of where their levels will end up after their last drink. Users can even have a notification sent to their watch to alert them when their BAC is close to the legal limit

The BAC Tracker is expected to cost about $99, and it will come out later this year. It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on DUI's in the future. IPhones are very common, and Apple Watches are becoming just as prevalent. If people can estimate their BAC from their phone or watch, hopefully, it will discourage people from driving while intoxicated. 

Our office believes that this could be a great idea for those who are concerned with how much they have had to drink and whether it is safe to drive. As many in our office have families, we would love to have our Georgia roads be safer. However, since this is going to be a new product and possibly the first of its kind, we are interested to see how accurate it will be in measuring BAC levels. There will likely be some kinks to work out but we look forward to this new technological development in hopes it will reduce the number of people drunk driving. 

However, proceed with caution when using any device that can detect your blood alcohol level.  Alcohol is metabolized like a bell curve.  Depending on how much a person has had to drink, a person's BAC may still be rising at the time he or she has started to drive.  As a result, their BAC may be higher at the time a police officer initiates a DUI Investigation.  

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