No Joy in Lt. Greg Abbott’s Demise

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Whether Lt. Abbott was fired or he resigned, his 28-year police career is over. For no apparent reason, he told a suspected DUI driver not to fear him because: "We only kill black people." This was in response to her fear that he would harm her because he was a police officer. Her fear of the police elicited the above-mentioned bigoted response.

Officer Abbott's firing (or resigning) is more significant. He ran the Cobb County DUI Task Force. This is the same task force that has police officers who believe their ability to detect DUI Drivers is so infallible that they can detect an impaired driver better than a scientific lab test.

We all recall the “Drug Whisperer” news articles where the Cobb County DUI Task Force arrested drivers who turned out to not have consumed any drugs. Instead of apologizing for these false arrests, the chief of the department stood by the arrests, even commenting that his officers were so good that they could detect drugs when a blood test could not.

Lt. Greg Abbott was the “top” Cobb County DUI Task Force officer. My issue is that he led officers that have become so arrogant that they cannot admit obvious mistakes. The news articles detailing these arrests have essentially laughed at these officers. When you call someone a “drug whisperer,” this is not a distinction of respect. It is comic. Lt. Abbott was a bad police officer. The arrogance of his department was partially his fault.

The chief of police is more at fault. I have never understood people who simply cannot admit their mistakes. I make plenty of mistakes. When I make one, I admit it and ask for forgiveness. For the innocent people that have been arrested in Cobb County, there was no apology. The chief of police, instead, doubled down.

Lt. Abbott was fired because he said something incredibly stupid. We all have done or said stupid things. Most of our mistakes are not on video. He dismissal or resignation gives me no joy because he was fired for saying something clearly bigoted and outside his normal modus operandi.

What bothers me is that the real mistake was his department arresting innocent people and not apologizing to them. In today's world, you can be fired for opening your mouth and putting your foot in it. I wonder why arresting an innocent person and insisting on their prosecution is no longer grounds for dismissal?  Think of all the people who have suffered Georgia DUI Penalties because of police officers like Lt. Greg Abbott.  For more information about about the innocent people arrested for DUI in Cobb County, please see my article on the subject. 

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9-1-17 Update:

According the the AJC, Lt. Abbott was allowed to retire with his full retirement benefits.  

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