Not All Lawyers are for All Clients

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The Importance of establishing a good relationship between clients and attorneys:

I have been talking about movies lately, and it dawned on me that not every movie is worth seeing. Some movies are of a genre that does not appeal to me; other movies are just not very good.  However, there is obviously an audience for movies that I do not like; in fact, entertainment choices are inherently subjective.  Choosing a profession is the most personal choice a person can make. 

Choosing a Lawyer and Choosing a Client

When someone calls my office, I do my best to give that prospective client a sense of who we are as a law firm and what they should expect.  Setting expectations from the beginning is the key to successful representation.  It is necessary for both client and attorney. 

To my fellow attorneys: even if you truly need a new client, never take on a person who has expectations that cannot be met.  The result will only be a refund after work has been done on the case.  A sign of success is the ability to turn clients away.

To prospective clients, not all attorneys are for every situation.  For example, our office litigates DUI cases.  We are the top-rated DUI defense firm in Georgia.  However, we are not for everyone.  If you are looking for a bull in a china shop, we are not the right office for you.  Most of the good outcomes we get are the result of relationships we have nursed and developed over many years.  Those relationships are used to our client's advantage, and we are not going to ruin them over any particular case. 

When a case cannot be settled, we are happy to take it to trial.  However, we are not in the business of accusing police officers and prosecutors of a conspiracy in your case.  Police officers sometimes make incorrect judgments, and some prosecutors can be unfair.  Though, these are errors in judgment most of the time; not a personal affront.   I was a DUI prosecutor 21 years ago and harbored no ill will towards anyone.   Since that time, I have helped thousands of people stay out of jail, and keep driving.  I hope to continue to do so.

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