Our Drug Laws Treat us Like Children

Posted by Richard Lawson | Feb 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

It has been reported in the AJC that Georgia State Legislators have introduced legislation that will require a refill every five days for certain ADHD medications such as Ritalin ®.

First, it was medications that contain Pseudoephedrine, and now it is medication for our kids. The point of these restrictions is to fight the war on drugs. As I have argued before, the war on drugs is simply a war on people. It also treats all of us as children of the State. Again, I ask do you own your body, or does government own it?  Why do our drug laws treat us like children?

This is truly an important question. Are we all wards of the state, or are free-thinking, independent people who can make our own decisions?

The alternative argument is that these stimulates can be abused and made into illegal drugs. Medications that contain Pseudoephedrine can be made into methamphetamine. I understand the problem, but limiting access to law-abiding people is not the answer.

I do not want people to abuse drugs. I, however, do not want the law-abiding people to inconvenienced by having to go to the pharmacy every five days. It is entirely unreasonable. It treats everyone like a criminal.

The solution is decriminalization of drugs. Without the incentive to sell illegal drugs, the demand for the chemical compounds therein will end.

The alternative is that we pass laws that protect against the actions of the lowest common denominator. We pass laws that “protect us” from the drug abuse of others.

What is that Protection Getting us?

Have we seen a reduction in the use of illegal drugs such as methamphetamine? No, we have not. Anyone who wants to use it can find it quite easily.

Does Prohibition Ever Work?

No. It only creates more crime. It creates an underworld to supply the substance. It also takes money out of the economy, thereby powering the underground economy.

We need to grow up as a society. People have the inherent right to make bad choices. Those decisions should not, morally, have an effect on the rest of us.  If you have been charged with possession of marijuana in Georgia, Call now.  

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