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Very often at an initial client meeting or telephone consultation people tell me that they passed the standardized field sobriety tests. For example, people will tell me that they passed the eye test (HGN TEST).  They will tell him they had no trouble following the stimulus with their eyes.

The issue is that following the officers pen or finger is not the test.  The test is looking for involuntary jerking in your eye that you cannot perceive yourself. As a result, it's impossible to know how well you did on the test.  Because the HGN test is considered to be a "scientific test," the police must perform the field sobriety tests correctly on the suspected DUI driver in Georgia or the tests will not provide and accurate or admissible result.  It is important to have Georgia DUI Lawyers that understand the science and theory of field sobriety testing.

The other field sobriety tests are far more subjective.  The walk and turn test and the one leg stand are subjectively, and often incorrectly, scored by the officer.  As a layperson, the person arrested still does not know how well they did on the tests because they are not familiar with the scoring.  That being said, I would never trust an officer's scoring of the tests.  This is why our office uses a former Georgia State Trooper to help score the field sobriety tests used in our client's cases.  Many police officers improperly score the tests against our clients. 

So, it's unlikely you will know how well you have done on the field sobriety tests used in your case. However, the right Georgia DUI Lawyer will be able to evaluate your case and answer that question.  A Georgia DUI Attorney with experience in contested DUI cases will provide the answers you need. Our office is dedicated to your case and will provide you the Best DUI Defense in Georgia. Contact the Georgia DUI Attorneys at our office for immediate legal attention.

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