Renting a Car After a DUI Arrest

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For many people, renting a car is part of their daily lives.  For business travelers, it is essential.  The issue for most of our clients is that the police take their license at the time of the arrest.  When renting a car, people need to show their license at the rental counter.  Remember, you do not have a right to rent a car, and a car rental agency can turn you away after a DUI arrest

How to get around the issue of renting a car after a DUI arrest:

The first thing we try to do is to resolve the administrative license hearing as soon as possible. Once resolved, our clients can legally go to the GA DDS and get a new license.  

The second option is to join a reward or frequent driver club at the major rental car agencies.  As a member, you will usually go straight to your car and bypass the rental counter.  The only problem is that the first time a person rents a vehicle, as a new member, they may still have to prove identity at the counter.  We usually suggest getting an ID card to prove identity.  Georgia Identification Cards look like a driver's license and have the same number as on your license.  However, they do say "ID Only" on them.

Even for people who have been long-time members of these rental car programs, they will still have to show ID on the way out of the lot.  Usually, a Georgia ID card is sufficient since it looks so much like a license.  However, since a person can be turned away, it is always best to make multiple reservations.


It is illegal to go and get a new license after a DUI arrest in Georgia.  There is a process to restore a person's privilege to drive legally.  Many business travelers panic and immediately go to the DDS and get a new license.

The paperwork required to get a license asks if your license is being held because of a pending misdemeanor traffic offense.  If you answer "no," you are lying on a government document, under the penalty of perjury.  It is not worth the risk lying on that document.

We can file your ALS Appeal the same day you call us.  Let us start the process of helping you restore your right to drive in Georgia

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