Shooting Straight with Our Clients

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One of the most difficult things to do is pass on bad news to our clients. I truly understand how much our clients depend on their Georgia DUI Defense Attorneys.

Being Candid is Our Job:

After we review the evidence in our client's cases, we go over it with our clients. At this point, we can give a prediction as to the outcome of the case.

Ultimately our clients decide as to how they want to proceed with their case, but we hope that they pay close attention to our advice. Many times a client will irrationally view the evidence because of how important the matter is to their life.

When we have bad news, that does not mean we do not care. In fact, honestly explaining bad news is a service to our clients. If a person chooses to go against our advice, they risk a far worse outcome. It is far easier for your Georgia DUI Lawyer to just mimic back to a client what they want to hear.

Our job sometimes is to save a client from making the wrong decision. For example, if a client goes to trial and loses their case, they will be facing additional consequences that could have been negotiated away with a plea bargain.

No one questions a doctor when he or she delivers bad news, but in criminal defense, people do question their defense attorney. I suppose it is natural to question us; however, please remember that our advice is based on experience and knowledge.

Any person charged with a criminal offense has a right to a trial by jury and a right to decide whether to settle or fight a case. Never make those decisions without the help of competent legal counsel.

Ultimately, it is our client's choice as to how we will proceed in their case. We, however, will not remain silent as to our advice to be cordial. As every jury is instructed, do not come to your decision to be cordial or liked by others.

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