Should I tell my lawyer everything even if it makes me look bad?

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Be Candid with Your Lawyer and tell your lawyer everything, even if it makes you look bad:

Even though we tell our clients that everything we discuss is confidential, many still are not candid with us.  When you are not honest with your Georgia DUI Lawyer, there are almost always negative consequences.

Prior Arrests:

The most common thing a client does not tell his Georgia DUI Attorney is the existence of prior arrests.  Your attorney needs to know your entire criminal history, even if the case was dismissed and expunged.  The reason is that many people misunderstand the outcome of a prior case.  Your lawyer will want to make sure a case was, in fact, dismissed before making decisions on how to handle the new arrest. 

Also, since the driver's license consequences are based on how many DUIs a person has had, it is important to know about prior offenses to provide our clients with the best advice insofar as their license is concerned.  

Furthermore, many clients do not realize that non-DUI arrests can have an impact on how the prosecutor and judge will look at a case.  We are all judged by our entire life's history.  When a person has other misdemeanor or felony arrests, those will be considered against a person when adjudicating their DUI case.

Amount of Drinking:

Many clients under-report to us the amount they consumed.  I am not sure I have ever understood the reason, but we need to know the truth.  When we are aware of a person's actual level of impairment, we can then know how to advise our clients whether to settle or fight their case.  

Collateral Consequences:

Many of our clients face problems at work or home, because of their DUI arrest.  Please tell us.  We will do our best to provide you both advice and support. Many times, our clients assume the worst, and through our experience, we can assist our client in gaining proper perspective on the situation.  


Please tell us if you are afraid or are having anxiety.  Many of the fears you may have are based on assumptions and misinformation.  For example, many people assume there is nothing we can do about a license suspension, where there are many things we can do.  Many clients believe a DUI is a felony, while, in most circumstances, it is not.  

Please tell us your concerns.  Do not rely on an internet search when you have hired an experienced Georgia DUI Attorney.  

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