Some Traffic Tickets Do Not Warrant Hiring an Attorney

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 Sometimes people call the office and do not need an attorney. A perfect example happened today when a very nice 61-year old woman called about her handsfree device tickets (distracted driving) ticket. She was concerned because, for a reason I did not know, the court was requiring her to appear rather than allowing her to pay the ticket.

Her required appearance scared her. Presumably, the judge was requiring an appearance because this particular court wants to give a stronger reminder to people to drive safely. That being said, it does not mean that she needs a Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

After speaking to her, I let her know that the citation was not something for which I could provide sufficient value to warrant being hired.  With a maximum fine of $50 for a first offense and a point added to a driver's license, it simply does not warrant paying an attorney.

Furthermore, some courts will even dismiss the ticket altogether when an accused person brings in a handsfree mount or attends defensive driving school.  With this caller, I assured her that everything would be okay, whether she had a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney or not.

Some other examples where people do not need an attorney include non-moving violations such as failure to renew registration, defective equipment, and other document-related offenses that are not reported on someone's MVR in Georgia. 

Additionally, red-light tickets via camera failure to stop for a school bus tickets via camera are civil infractions in Georgia.  As a result, the maximum consequence is a fine.  As a result, the fees to have an attorney assist in the matter are likely to exceed the cost of the ticket.

The point I am making is that hiring an attorney is a serious decision.  If you have been arrested for any misdemeanor traffic offense, you should hire an attorney.  The fact the you were taken into custody means the consequence of the case can include going back into custody and loss of your driver's privilege.

If you hold a Georgia CDL, almost any ticket can have both professional and licensing consequences.  Be careful to speak to a lawyer before paying any ticket or going to court without representation.

If you have a job that monitors your driving record or provides you a company vehicle, call a Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Georgia before paying any citation.

If you are facing hiring insurance rates or are close to a Points Suspension in Georgia (for having 15 points for over 21-year old drivers, call a lawyer.

If you are under 21, or under 18-years-old, and receive a ticket in Georgia, you may be facing a license suspension as well.  Speak to us first before going to court or paying a ticket,  Even if you are not suspended for the ticket, your actions can affect the insurance rates for your parents.  Be careful!

Otherwise, do a cost-benefit analysis before hiring an attorney for your traffic ticket. If the consequences are sufficient to warrant our help, we are here for you 24/7.

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