The Amanda Davis Arrest Should Remind Everyone of the Procedures Necessary to Reinstate Your License After a DUI

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The report of news reporter Amanda Davis' arrest for driving with a suspended license should draw attention to something we tell all of our clients.  If your license is suspended in Georgia for any reason, you must take steps to reinstate it.  The Georgia Department of Drivers Services will not automatically reinstate your license or privilege to drive. 

Amanda Davis made the common mistake of assuming that after the term of her license suspension she would regain the right to drive.  She is not alone in her confusion.  Many others make the same mistake every day.  

The result was a new arrest for driving with a suspended license.  She was qualified to have her license reinstated but did not take the necessary steps to get it back. 

Active Steps to Reinstate Your License:

The first step is to refrain from driving during the period of suspension.  Your Georgia DUI Attorney will let you know the length of the suspension and whether you qualify for a restricted permit during the suspension.  

After the suspension is over, do not drive to the Department of Driver Services.  Remember, you are still suspended, and only the DDS can return it to you. 

If it was your first Georgia DUI, you must bring a copy of your DUI School Certificate and $210 to the DDS to be reinstated.  

If it was your second Georgia DUI, you must bring proof of a clinical evaluation for substance abuse dependency, proof of the installation of an ignition interlock device, your DUI School Certificate, and $210 to reinstate.

For non-DUI offenses, the DDS will have different requirements to reinstate your license.   After completion of the steps, there will be a reinstatement fee as well.  

Final Thought:

The law is not designed for self-service.  Call us to discuss your situation.  It may save you unnecessary trips to the Georgia DDS, and it may save you an unwanted visit to the county jail.  

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