The cringe I feel when I see bad lawyering

Posted by Richard Lawson | Oct 25, 2017 | 0 Comments

Today in court, I witnessed an attorney put on a show for his client. My opinion was that his "show" deserved terrible ratings.

The attorney was loud; he was rude to opposing counsel; he interrupted the judge; he raised his voice; and ultimately, he accomplished nothing positive.

Throughout my legal career, I have seen attorneys make noise, while not advancing their client's interests. Many times, the lawyer is aware that they have a bad case, and as a result, feels the need to try to show the client that he or she is fighting.

I understand wanting to "impress" a client. However, as professionals, we must act professionally. We must also do what is best for our clients, not try to impress them.

Today, the argument the above-mentioned attorney made was ridiculous. In fact, it was so implausible, that I asked my own client in the hallway what she thought about the presentation. Even though she was charged with the same offense, my own client did not believe in the lawyer's presentation. It was that bad.

Our obligation, as Georgia DUI Lawyers, is to let our clients know the truth about their cases, even when the news is not good. Litigating a losing case can result in even worse Georgia DUI Penalties for our clients, and it can also result in more expenses.

It is hard to tell a client bad news. I am sure medical doctors feel the same way. However, the duty to be candid with our clients may be the most important duty we have as professionals.

Being devoted to achieving the best possible outcome should never be confused with creating false expectations. When a person is charged with a serious crime, they need time to prepare for all potential consequences.

At our office, we never assume someone is guilty when he or she have been charged with a crime. However, we also prepare our clients for all potential outcomes.

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