The Importance of Taking Steps to Avoid a Second DUI

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It may sound surprising, but many of our clients get a second Georgia DUI before their First Georgia DUI is resolved. This past weekend, a client whom I like very much called and told me she was arrested again.

Although it no longer surprises me, it does cause me to want to discuss how my clients can avoid this unfortunate situation.

What is important to know is that when a person is arrested, it represents the lowest moment of their life (for most people). That moment can be compounded by the fact that they may be having a difficult time in their personal and professional lives. Job loss, domestic violence, personal loss of loved ones, financial difficulties, and other issues create added stress in all of our lives.

When someone uses alcohol to cope with his or her stress, this can be a recipe for disaster. It is common in our office to have a client who has never been in any legal trouble before get more than one DUI in a short period. The first DUI arrest creates or compounds the conditions that cause the second arrest.

How can someone avoid a second DUI arrest?

A DUI arrest should be a wakeup call. It does not mean a person is an alcoholic, in a clinical sense. It means that someone has had a problem with alcohol or drug use. The “problem” is that the use of alcohol or drugs has caused a legal issue.

Once a person comes to terms with the fact that their use of alcohol or drugs has created a problem, they need to realize that the most important thing is to avoid a second (and more serious) problem. Georgia DUI Penalties increase with every DUI arrest, and most courts are not sympathetic to people who re-offend.

The solution is to abstain from the use of alcohol or drugs after a DUI arrest. Abstinence must happen by any means. Some people can do it on their own, and that is great. If someone needs counseling or A.A. meetings or any other support, that is perfectly fine as well.

Abstinence may sound like an extreme solution. However, I am not saying that it should be permanent. I am saying that after an arrest a person should take time to reflect on what created the conditions that resulted in the arrest.

After a period of self-reflection, make sure to take the steps necessary to insure that it never happens again.

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