The Importance of Telling Your Attorney Everything

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One of the biggest frustrations I have is when I learn that a client has failed to tell me everything about their case.  I am well aware that sometimes, in these situations, I may get upset at the client and express my disappointment.  

However, my frustration is often misunderstood.  I am not upset at the client.  I am upset for the client.  I cannot do my best work when I do not have all the facts or know all of my client's background.

The most important thing I need to know is if a client has had prior offenses.  There is nothing worse than telling a prosecutor that my client has no prior offense when they have had one.  For one thing, I will be unprepared to explain the circumstances of the other offense, and I will appear to be dishonest with opposing counsel.    

Many clients have told me that they thought their prior case was dismissed or expunged.  Remember, everything a client tells me is confidential.  If there is a chance a prior offense is not on my client's record, I will not tell the prosecutor or the judge.  

As for the facts of the case itself, I need how much a person had to drink, what witnesses he or she may have, and what they may have said or not said to the police officer.  When armed with the full story, Your Georgia DUI Defense Attorney will be far more prepared to either negotiate or litigate your case. 

Remember, I am on your side.  We are here to help, not to judge our clients.  We understand that people make mistakes.  It is extremely important to tell your attorney everything about your case and your background.  

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