The Scope of a Limited DUI Permit in Georgia

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When a person pleads guilty to a first-time DUI offense in Georgia, they will qualify for a limited permit from Driver' Services. This Limited permit restricts the use of a license but still allows the driver to operate his or her vehicle under a few exceptions. If pulled over, a person's limited permit will register in the computer as suspended, but as long as they are operating their vehicle within one of the allowed exceptions, they will likely be released without a citation for a suspended license. 

It is important to know exactly what exceptions are allowed when operating a vehicle with a limited permit. Travel is authorized for the following purposes under O.C.G.A 375-3-3-.10:

  1. To and from work, or performing any duties necessary for your job;
  2. To and from school; 
  3. To and from medical care such as doctor appointments and medical emergencies; 
  4. To and from substance abuse treatment (AA meetings or counseling sessions for alcohol/drug abuse)
  5. To and from any court ordered requirements, i.e. DUI school, or a driver's education program 
  6. To and from court, probation meetings and community service 
  7. Transporting an immediate family member who does not hold a valid driver's license for work, school or medical care 

Many people worry about how they will take their children to and from school Fortunately, Driver services have recently recognized the need for this exception and have granted permission for those driving on a limited permit to drive immediate family who is non-licensed to school, work, and medical appointments. 

Be smart with driving on a limited permit. A limited permit lasts for four months, and you must reinstate your full license on your own. Your license does not automatically reinstate at the end of the four-month term. You may have to make sacrifices on where you can drive during those four months, but sacrifices are much better than a new charge for driving on suspended license. 

While you may have to utilize Uber at times, you can certainly find a way to stay within the terms of your permit during the four-month period. If you happen to find yourself charged with driving on a suspended license in regards to your limited permit, call us at 404-816-4440 for a free consultation. A charge is not a conviction. Your Georgia DUI Attorney will guide you through the process.

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