Tips for a Safe and DUI Free Holiday Party

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Today is our office's annual holiday party.  This year we are all attending an Atlanta Hawks game.  I thought I would offer a few tips for a Safe and DUI Free Holiday Party to employers and employees.

Holiday Party Advice for Employers:

An office holiday party is a excellent time to get to know your team members and their families.  As the host of the party, you may be held civilly responsible for the torts of your employees.  If an employee gets a DUI and injures someone, the host of a party may be held liable. 

The best bet is to either have an alcohol-free party or a cash bar.  If you plan an open bar, then provide transportation or ride-sharing to your employees.  

Another option is to require carpooling with at least one designated driver per automobile.  As an incentive to the designated driver, you could provide a gift certificate to the drivers.  

As an employer, if you take due care to ensure that no one drives impaired, your potential liability will be mitigated.  

Holiday Party Advice to Employees:

The most important advice was given to us by the Greeks at the Temple of Apollo thousands of years ago; “gnothi seauton;”  “know thyself.”  Who knew the Greeks were giving advice to holiday revelers centuries later?  

It is important to know your limits and how alcohol affects you.  If you lose control at a holiday party, you will not automatically get a pass for behavior outside your ordinary character. A party is an opportunity to make both a good or bad impression on your boss, supervisors, and other co-workers.  The best advice is to make a good impression.

As for driving after alcohol consumption, do not do it.  If your company does not offer carpooling or ride sharing, make arrangements for yourself.  The last thing you want to do is to miss work the day after a company holiday party because you are waiting to bond out.  There could be no worse impression. 

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