Top Qualities of a Top Rated DUI Lawyer in Georgia

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Following a DUI arrest in Georgia, a person typically ends up inundated with solicitations from different DUI lawyers. This can be extremely overwhelming. Choosing the right team to work with your case can be tough. 

That's why I've chosen to post the top qualities of a top-rated Georgia DUI Lawyer.

1. Extensive Experience in Georgia

I always rank experience as the first most important quality because hiring an experienced attorney is necessary to ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

Adequate experience requires years of experience with:

2. Client Reviews

Client reviews are huge - I do not recommend hiring a lawyer without thorough research of him or her first. Most lawyers have reviews that are researchable on the internet. Considering the day and age we live in, it's near impossible to find an attorney who has no reviews. In fact, that should be a warning sign.

It is of utmost importance to maintain a positive reputation in the legal community. The most used site for lawyer reviews is Avvo. Actually, 97% of U.S. lawyers are rated on the site. 

View some of our unrivaled reviews here:

3. Specialization in DUI

DUI is our speciality.  A DUI attorney must know the subtle difference of Georgia DUI Laws, the science behind sobriety chemical testing, and the defenses in each particular case. The truth is that general practice lawyers simply do not have the time or resources.

4. Knowledge of the Court Systems

Each court system in Georgia has its own nuances. Each Georgia judge runs his or her courtroom in his or her own particular way. It's paramount for your case to have a lawyer who understands these differences. Your Georgia DUI Attorney should be able to work with each judge. Most judges have preferences toward conduct in their particular courtroom and their individual instructions for cases proceeding before them including policies, practices, and procedures. 

I can't stress enough that hiring a DUI lawyer who is not only familiar but experienced in the different Georgia court systems is highly important for your case. 

5. Training

Serious Georgia DUI cases such as being a repeat offender or have injured someone in a DUI accident in Georgia. Only a specialist can handle such intricate cases that involve Georgia DUI injuries and accidents or involve multiple prior offenses. These cases require much more than DUI specialization.

All of our lawyers are trained in both breath and blood testing in Georgia as well as field sobriety testing in Georgia. Furthermore, Richard Lawson is a trained Standardized Field Sobriety Testing Instructor.

6. Caring and Customer Service

As you can tell from our reviews, it is so important to us that we provide the best customer service. Everyone deserves lawyers that are attentive and focused on DUI Defense.  We give our clients our cell phone numbers and return phone calls and emails. We ensure that you are well-informed and that you know what is going on with your case. 

We understand the importance of your case to you and your life.  We focus on making sure that your DUI will not cause hardship at home or at work. Our goal is to make you feel as secure as possible.

We protect our clients' rights and freedom. Contact us today.

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