Understanding Peach Pass Driving Lanes in Georgia

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If you have driven down I-85 or I-75, you have probably noticed that the far-left lane is only for Peach Pass users. The first express lanes opened in 2011 on I-85, and I-75 has also opened some toll lanes this year. Many motorists have questions about these new express lanes and whether or not they are worth it. 

What is a Peach Pass?

A Peach Pass is a sticker motorists' put on their vehicle that allows them to use the express lanes in Georgia. The sticker links to an account with the State Road and Tollway Authority. When you use the roads, the account is automatically deducted for the tolls. 

When you enter on the Peach Pass lane, a sign will show how much it will cost to use the lane. You decide whether or not it is worth it to use the lane. The amount will vary based upon the traffic times ranging from 50 cents per trip to 90 cents per mile. Unlike ordinary toll roads, the pricing is dynamic to limit demand and always allow travel at least 45 mph.

You can get a Peach Pass either online or over the phone at 1-855-724-7277, or in person. A Peach Pass Starter Kit, which includes the sticker and a Reload Card, can be purchased for $2.50 at CVS or Walgreens along with the cost of prepaying the card. You can put anywhere between $20 and $500 on the card. 

What are the Benefits of Getting a Peach Pass?

Millions of dollars were spent on creating express lanes in Georgia in the hope that motorists would experience more reliable trip times. The express lanes provide traffic that is freer flowing because people must pay to use the roads and because of the aforementioned dynamic pricing.  

While express lanes used to only be on I-85, Georgia is spending millions of dollars to extend the reach of the Peach Pass. This year, they opened lanes on I-75, and by 2018, I-575 will have express lanes, and the I-85 lanes will be extended. With more and more miles being covered, buying a Peach Pass can help motorists ensure consistent trip times to work and avoid the stop and go traffic we are all so familiar with.  

Is Peach Pass Only in Georgia?

The Peach Pass is now compatible with Florida's SunPass and North Carolina's Quick Pass. This connection opens up another 750 miles of eligible toll roads for Peach Pass Users. 

There are plans for the reach of Peach Pass to continue growing and possibly include the E-Z Pass network that extends throughout the Northeast.  

Therefore, buying a Peach Pass could be useful not only in Georgia as well as in surrounding states.

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