US Attorney Meets With Parents of Child Injured in Drug Raid

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United States Attorney Sally Yates has met with the parents of the infant injured in the ill-fated drug raid in Habersham County.  This is the last chance for justice in this case because the local District Attorney has used the Grand Jury to cover up the crime of the Sheriff and his goons masquerading as deputy sheriffs.

I will not rehash the case in great detail, because anyone reading this already knows what happened and how I feel.  Needless to say, throwing a stun grenade indiscriminately into a house is reckless conduct and a violation of law in Georgia.  In this case, a baby was maimed and will endure a lifetime of pain and suffering.

The District Attorney used the Grand Jury to cover up the crimes of the police in this case.  The Grand Jury is a tool of the prosecutor and only hears what the prosecutor presents.  They were presented a bunch of total “crottin de cheval” (excuse my French) about the grief of the deputies involved in the raid and how sorry they felt.

I have opined that all my criminal clients are also sorry for their crimes, and last I check the same District Attorney prosecutes similarly "sorry" people all the freaking time.  The remorse of the police officers involved is relevant to their punishment, not prosecution.

When I was an Assistant District Attorney, I already knew which cases our office wanted indicted and which we did not. The Grand Jury will indict a small soap dish if the D.A. decides to accuse it of a crime.  The Grand Jury only heard what the D.A. presented.  This is how District Attorneys use the Grand Jury to cover up crimes they do not want to prosecute.

I have also informed the public that Grand Juries DO NOT HEAR MISDEMEANOR RECKLESS CONDUCT CASES.  In Georgia, the D.A. does not need to present misdemeanor cases for indictment.  He can draw the charges on an accusation.  That is why this is a white wash.  The District Attorney can file the charges without a Grand Jury Indictment.  He used the Grand Jury to present the evidence of the remorseful police officers and then allowed the Grand Jury to believe that they were not criminally liable in this case.

The good news is that the U.S. Attorney does not have to worry about local politics.  The Sheriff, his goons, and the District Attorney have violated the civil rights of this family.  Federal indictments for everyone involved would be justice.  The idea that the police can essentially bomb a person's residence without any cause is unacceptable in the United State of America.

As a Habersham County DUI Attorney, I am disgusted at this situation. This same prosecutor has the nerve to go after the weak amongst us for petty crimes while covering up the crimes of the police.  As a person who practices in the courtrooms of North Georgia, he disgusts me.  He is reprehensible.  This Habersham County DUI Lawyer will continue to speak out for the weak and defenseless.

It is time to ban the militarization of the police in the United States.  No police department needs grenades, assault rifles, armored cars, or machine guns.  When poor trained morons are given military weapons, they will use them on innocent people.  The result is a baby who life is ruined.

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