What Are Top 5 Consequences of a Georgia DUI

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When someone gets a DUI in Georgia, there are many direct and indirect consequences.  However, these penalties only happen if a person is convicted of the DUI. Our first job is to look for defenses to avoid a DUI conviction.

Herein are the top 5 consequences of a Georgia DUI.

1.  Loss of License or the Privilege to Drive in Georgia:

When a person is convicted of a DUI in Georgia, they will lose their Georgia Driver's license or their privilege to drive in Georgia if they are an out of state resident. 

2.  Time to be Served in Jail:

Even on a first Georgia DUI offense, there is a mandatory sentence of at least 24 hours in jail.  However, many time our Georgia DUI Lawyers can help our clients get the sentence reduced to "time served," meaning the additional jail time is waived.

For a second Georgia DUI, a person must serve at least 72 hours in custody, and for a third Georgia DUI, a person must serve at least 15 days in jail.

3.  Community Service:

There is a mandatory 40 hours' community service in a first DUI offense.  For second or third DUI, a person must perform a mandatory 240 hours of community service.  

4.  Substance Abuse Counseling:

On most first offense cases, the court will require substance abuse counseling.  On all second or more offenses, the court will require treatment.  Also, for multiple offenders, the Department of Driver Services will require treatment before allowing someone to drive legally.  

5.  DUI School:

All Georgia courts require DUI offenders to attend DUI School, which is technically called the Risk Reduction Program.  Not only is attendance in DUI School a part of a person's sentence, but the Georgia Department of Driver Services also requires it before it will reinstate someone's license.

Remember, these consequences are not a fait accompli (presumably irreversible). When you hire our office, we will review your cases for all possible legal and factual defenses and leave no stone unturned. 

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