What do I do if I have been arrested for a DUI after the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game?

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There is nothing worse than when a good time is ruined by a bad decision or a mistake.  No one plans to get a DUI, but if you have been arrested for a DUI after the Georgia vs. Georgia Tech game, inaction will result in additional problems. Do not compound one mistake with another.  Hire a qualified Athens Georgia DUI Attorney immediately.  

Immediately Action is Required:

Remember, you only have 30 days to appeal the automatic suspension of your driver's license.  Your Athens Georgia DUI Lawyer can file that appeal for you.  The State of Georgia charges a $150 filing fee to submit the appeal.  The appeal needs to be submitted whether someone submits to the state-administered test or is charged with refusing to test.  In the case of an alleged refusal, your driver's license or privilege to drive in Georgia will be suspended for 12 months, unless the appeal we successfully file the appeal. We also suggest filing the appeal as a precaution, even if our client still has his or her driver's license.  

Once we file the appeal, the next step is the review of the evidence, which usually includes the incident report and the video.  We never decide on the best course of action or defense until we consider all of the evidence.  All our attorneys are trained in the same field sobriety testing procedures and can make an independent judgment of your performance.  Accordingly, we do not take the officer's opinion of your performance as correct. We make an independent judgment of whether he or she had probable cause to make an arrest. 

Your Court Date in Athens Georgia will come up sooner than you think if you have had a prior DUI offense: 

For people who have been accused of a second DUI offense, Athens has a “fast track” court program because they take multiple offense DUI cases very seriously.  That means your case will immediately bypass the municipal court and go straight to the State Court of Athens-Clarke County. You may be scheduled for a court date in less than three weeks from the arrest, which will likely be well before the ALS hearing is scheduled.  

Call Now:

We are available to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Call us to begin the discussion of your defense. 

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