What Happens if I Get a Georgia DUI But I Have an Out of State License

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Georgia DUI Laws are severe. At this point most states have changed their DUI laws to look increasingly similar. However, each state has their differences, and it's important to have local legal representation who can walk you through your options and the overall process when charged in an unfamiliar state.

A Georgia DUI conviction, even if you are a resident of a different state, can still result in the loss of your freedom and the loss of your right to drive in Georgia and in your home state. The conviction will even be reported to your home state. 

When you enter the state of Georgia, you are subject to Georgia's laws. 

A Brief Overview of the Georgia DUI Process

An arrest for a Georgia DUI results in the court case (two separate prosecutions) and the administrative license suspension (two types of driver's license suspensions). For even in-state drivers, this process is confusing. For out-of-state drivers, this process is extremely difficult to work through. Hiring a Georgia DUI Attorney to walk you through the process and defend your case by applying the best Georgia DUI Defenses

Georgia DUI Penalties are the same for an out-of-state driver as for a Georgia driver. These penalties can include jail-time, fines, fees, mandatory counseling, and any other penalties that the court might end up thinking as appropriate. 

Out-Of-State License Challenges

As a driver with an out-of-state driver's license, there are different challenges to the case then when a Georgia driver is convicted of a DUI. 

  • Instead of suspending your license, Georgia law will suspend your driving privileges within the state of Georgia. 
  • Also, a Georgia driver is able to get a limited driving permit, but an out-of-state driver is not.
  • Georgia will report the suspension of your license to to your home state, which may have more severe penalties for DUI than Georgia.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to hire a Georgia DUI Lawyer who is familiar with Georgia DUI Laws.

Just because you were arrested for a DUI in Georgia does not mean you're guilty of driving under the influence. Everyone has a right to fight his or her case in court and that also means a right to hire local counsel to represent you and protect your rights if you're not a resident of Georgia.

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