What Happens if you are a Georgia Resident and Receive a DUI Outside of Georgia?

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Summer is here, and it is time for vacations. Georgia residents are lucky to be reasonably close to the beaches in Florida and South Carolina.  We are also close to the Gulf Coast.  Between trips to the beach and trips to Disney World, Georgia residents will be on the move.  Unfortunately, sometimes our better judgment is left at home. 

With so many people traveling, it is important to understand the consequences when a Georgia licensee receives a DUI outside of the State of Georgia.  

What Happens in Georgia When I Get an Out-of-State DUI?

The main question people have is how getting a DUI out of state affects them in Georgia and what are the consequences. Whether you receive a DUI in state or out of state, the consequences can be severe. It is likely that your Georgia driver's license will be suspended until you go through the proper channels in both the State in which you were arrested and also in Georgia.

When the case occurs out of state, you will need an attorney in that state.  As for your license issues in Georgia, you are welcome to call us for advice.  If you have a Georgia driver's license and face a DUI in another state, Georgia will honor the conviction in the other state and suspended your license for at least as long as it is suspended in the state in which the offense occurred.  

Georgia and the National Driver's License Registry:

Georgia is part of the National Driver’s License Registry.  For some reason, people have been confused as to this fact because Georgia completely participates except for in one situation.  When someone moves to Georgia, If he or she can bring in a valid license, Georgia will start that new resident with a clean MVR.  For all other situations, Georgia participates.  As a result, when a Georgia licensee gets a DUI in another state, Georgia will honor the outcome.

Additionally, when a person tries to get a license in Georgia and is suspended in another state, Georgia will not issue or license or a limited permit.

You Always Need a DUI Attorney

Whether you get a DUI in Georgia or in another state, you need to hire a Lawyer who specializes in DUI law. The Law Office of Richard Lawson has over 20 years of experience specifically in DUI law. Our knowledge is unmatched, and we can help you no matter where you are at in the Georgia DUI Process. Contact our offices today for a free case evaluation. 

We are here to provide Georgia DUI Information when you need it most. 

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