What Information is Needed When Contacting a DUI Lawyer

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When calling a Georgia DUI Lawyer, there is important information about your case that you should have readily available. For your Georgia DUI Attorney to give you the best advice, you will have to provide certain facts and details regarding your arrest. If you are calling for a family member or a loved one, you may not have every detail suggested below.  However, please but try to convey as much information to your attorney as possible. 

Here is a list of questions you should be prepared to answer when speaking with a Georgia DUI Lawyer

1. What were you charged with? 

It is important to know exactly what a person is charged with to give the best advice for what legal consequences they may be facing and any possible defenses they may be able to use on their behalf. 

2. When were you arrested? 

Knowing the date you were arrested will help us advise you of any filing deadlines that may be approaching. When charged with a DUI in Georgia, you have 10 days to file a ten-day letter to secure your driving privileges. Missing this ten-business-day deadline may have severe consequences on your privilege to drive in the State of Georgia. You may be facing a one-year license suspension if you miss your ten-day window. 

3. Have you ever been arrested before? 

It is extremely important to advise of license implications and other possible punishments properly. Someone facing a third DUI in five years is looking at a much more severe sentence than someone charged with a first lifetime DUI. Not only is it important to know whether you have had any convictions, but it is also important to know of all arrests regardless of the outcome. Many people call and assume because they were arrested more than 20 years ago, that the DUI no longer shows on their record. This is not true. Furthermore, charges that may not be seen by the public or an employer can still be seen by a prosecutor. Even if the arrest happened out of State, it is important to inform the consulting attorney of ALL prior arrests. 

4. In what city or county did the DUI occur?

It is important to know the exact arresting agency that cited or arrested you. Every court is different, and there is no bright line rule of punishment for every court across the state.  Someone arrested in East Ellijay may not be facing the same punishment or jail time that another may face if arrested in Douglas County. The rules in different jurisdictions matter. For example, if the Colombus police arrested you, your Muscogee County DUI attorney can advise you that your case will be heard in Muscogee State Court and not Columbus Recorders court like the citation may state. The Law Offices of Richard Lawson and his team of experienced Georgias DUI Attorneys that can provide the correct advice in consideration of the jurisdiction that is prosecuting your case. 

5. What are the implications you may be facing with your career?

Some career paths are much harder to navigate with a DUI charge. If you hold a CDL license or a pilot's license, you can be facing serious implications for your career. Knowing your company's policy as it relates to a DUI charge is helpful to your consulting attorney. We can advise you on the best course of action when discussing the matter with your employer or whether you should report the arrest to a licensing agency such as a nursing board or any other professional licensing board. 

6. Are you a US citizen and if not, what is your immigration status? 

Your immigration status may be effected depending on your charges. It is important to know your exact status with immigration to point you in the right direction concerning immigration laws and regulations.   

The Bottom Line:

When your Georgia DUI Lawyer is fully informed, we can provide better advice and counsel. Call the Law Offices of Richard Lawson today for a free consultation. Being arrested for a DUI does not mean you are guilty

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