What is the 30 Day Letter in my Georgia DUI Case?

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As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I understand just how confusing Georgia DUI Laws can be to someone who is facing their first DUI in Georgia.

Many times, people who have been charged with DUI in Georgia have incorrect information regarding the potential suspension of their Georgia Driver's License.

That's why in today's post, I will outline the Administrative License Suspension Hearing in Georgia and explain this part of the Georgia DUI Process.

ALS in Georgia

ALS stands for Administrative License Suspension which is also commonly referred to as the 30 day letter in Georgia. It's referred to as the 30 day letter because you or your attorney must file an appeal of your Georgia Driver's License suspension within exactly 30 days of your arrest. 

This is why hiring a Georgia DUI Attorney is so incremental. General practitioners do not understand the intricacies and timing of DUIs in Georgia. DUI Lawyers understand that if you do not file the appeal of your license suspension, then the result is that you'll lose your license. 

There is a $150 filing fee required to submit the appeal. If the appeal is not filed, then there are two different types of license suspension that you may face. 

  1. 12-month Suspension: This "hard" suspension happens if you refused sobriety testing during your DUI arrest, and then you do not file your appeal.
  2. 30-day Suspension: This suspension happens if you submitted to testing, and then if you attend Georgia DUI School and pay a $210 reinstatement fee, you can reinstate your driver's license after 30 days.

Practice Note

We can help you prepare for your ALS Hearing and help you keep your Georgia Driver's License and your right to drive on Georgia roads. 

Georgia DUI Penalties are some of the very harshest in the country. You do not have to face them on your own, and you are not doomed to a conviction just because you have been arrested for DUI. Contact us today.

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