When Someone’s Life Unravels Because of Multiple Misdemeanor Arrests

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Recently, I have received several calls from people who have been arrested for more than one misdemeanor offenses in a short period.  

The pattern begins when a person does not take their first arrest seriously.  The result is a greater likelihood of a second arrest because he or she had not addressed the behavior that led to the first arrest. 

Changing behavior is difficult.  Think of how many weight loss and self-help books that are published every year.   

A Misdemeanor Arrest Needs to be a Call to Action:

For most people, a single misdemeanor arrest is all that they need to change their behavior and make new choices.  However, for some, the message is not received.  I am telling those people today, GET THE MESSAGE.

If the offense is related to what is considered by society a character flaw, such as petty theft or shoplifting, this behavior can be corrected. There are resources, such as values clarification courses or religious counseling that can address these issues. Petty offenses can lead to larger crimes quite quickly. The difference between petty theft and felony theft is only in the value of what was stolen; the "Mens Rea” of the offense (the criminal intent and bent of mind) is the same, the value of the items notwithstanding. 

When the misdemeanor offense is related to substance abuse, such as excessive alcohol consumption or drug use, it is much more difficult to correct.  Unless a person gets immediate structured treatment, he or she remains at risk for a second arrest.  

Very often, I have a client who is arrested two or three DUIs in the span of only a few months.  Often, their first case has not even been settled before they are arrested a second time.  

It is my opinion that their failure to take a first arrest seriously and their failure to take corrective action is the cause of why someone is arrested multiple times for the same offense.  

The moral of the story is to take the first arrest seriously.  Most of the time we can easily resolve a first misdemeanor arrest.  However, once a person is arrested multiple times, it becomes virtually impossible to return that person back to their normal life. In short, they will face significant punishment such that they will not be able to resume their ordinary business and personal activities.  

Please take any arrest seriously.  We are here to help you both with your Georgia DUI Case and also with finding the support you need to begin to change the behavior that resulted in your legal trouble in the first place. 

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