When the Wheels of Justice Only Run Over the Little Guy or Gal

Posted by Richard Lawson | Jul 25, 2014 | 0 Comments

Today, a Douglas County Grand Jury indicted Tammie Agan, the secretary of Former Douglas County District Attorney David McDade.

The 58-count indictment charges her with false statements and theft because of her “work” for McDade 2011-2012.

McDade, who I have openly called a worthless human being, ran his office with a zeal for going after the weak and defenseless, however will not be prosecuted or even investigated.


McDade signed a non-prosecution agreement with Attorney General Sam Olens' office in April agreeing to resign on April 30 of this year and pay back about $4,000. McDade admitted no wrongdoing as part of the deal.

Well isn't that just fantastic.  Just 10 days ago, not knowing anything about the investigation, I predicted this very outcome in my blog about when people in higher officer who get away with crimes.

McDade, was able to “return” $4000.00 to the county in exchange for not being prosecuted.  Ms. Agan, however, is charged with fraudulent billing of $7000.00.  Is the Attorney General's Office saying the $4000 is just not worth investigating but $7000 is worthy of a 58-count indictment?

So What Will We Never Learn?

If Agan has evidence on McDade's involvement it will never be used to lesson her punishment.  Our Attorney General has shamefully bowed to political pressure and influence and has allowed McDade to get away with everything he did without further investigation.

McDade's knowledge of the thousands of dollars paid to Agan and other members of her family for work never done (while on county time), will never be investigated.

What happened to the thousands of dollars in drug forfeiture money misused by his office, will never be investigated.

McDade's potential knowledge of Agan's crimes and how he may have been an accessory before, during, or after the fact will never be investigated.

The fact that McDade's hand picked successor is now the District Attorney thereby helping push all of this under the rug, will never be investigated.

Yet, if you are a young impoverished kid from Douglasville and happen to sell some marijuana, that will be investigated to the fullest extent of the law, and you will go to prison.  There will be no deal for you to not be prosecuted.  You will be PERSECUTED in Douglas County and those same the wheels of “justice” will roll over and crush you.

McDade, who is a horrible person who never once gave anyone else a break, is home enjoying his lifetime pension paid for by the tax payers of Douglas County and the State of Georgia.

This is disgusting.

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