When to send your case to Fulton Count State Court versus staying in Atlanta Municipal Court

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With the the present changes in Atlanta Municipal Court, the question comes up more often as to whether to keep your Atlanta DUI Case in city court or bind it over to the State Court of Fulton County.  The Atlanta DUI Lawyers at the Law Offices of Richard Lawson can help. No person should make such an important decision without the help of a skilled Atlanta DUI Lawyer.

The decision making process should begin with the investigation of your DUI Case in Atlanta. Once your case is looked into, your Atlanta DUI Attorney will be able to advise you if you have potential defenses.  Once your Atlanta DUI Lawyer explores possible defenses, then you can decide in which forum you will have your best chance of success.

This is where we must be frank.  If you want to settle your case with a plea of guilty, it does not matter much between Atlanta Municipal Court and Fulton County State court.  The plea offers will be similar.  The chance of a reduced charge is similar.  You can always try to get a reduction to reckless driving in Atlanta, and if unsuccessful, you can try in Fulton County State Court.

However, if you want a trial, I do NOT believe in trials by judge, commonly called bench trials.  This is not a commentary on any particular judge in Atlanta Municipal Court.  In fact, I have not even heard of any Atlanta DUI Attorney even having a bench trial before the new DUI Court Judge in Atlanta Municipal Court. He has only been the judge hearing Atlanta DUI cases for the past month.

My point is that I do not do bench trials, except in limited situations where the issue is purely legal, not factual.  As a result, I recommend to all of my clients wanting a trial to elect a jury trial. In Fulton County, the only court that can hear DUI trials is the State Court of Fulton County.  So, for my clients who want a trial, I send the case to Fulton County.  I believe an accused DUI driver has a better chance before a jury of 6 people (where all he must convince is 1 of 6 jurors) than a trial before one judge.  It is as simple as that. Our office has experienced and dedicated Fulton County DUI Attorneys. Only a qualified and experienced Fulton County DUI Attorney can help if charged with DUI in Fulton County.

So, if you are accused of DUI in Atlanta, contact the experienced Atlanta DUI Attorney at my office.  We are here 24/7 to advise and help you.

Map to Atlanta Municipal Court

Map to Fulton County State Court

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