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Very often I receive calls from people who are unsure if they need a Georgia DUI Attorney.  Ironically, I receive approximately the same number of calls from people who have irreparably damaged their case by acting unrepresented.  I have spent my career trying to convince people they need an attorney.  Unfortunately, telling people who call they need my help comes across as self-serving.  It is like when "old" Mr. Spock said to old "young" Mr. Spock in Star Trek Into Darkness that his customary goodbye of "Live Long and Prosper" would seem oddly self-serving.  "Old" Spock's answer to his quandary was to say just "Good luck" to "young" Mr. Spock instead. 

Forgiving the writers of Star Trek and me, from time travel paradox issues and parallel universe solutions, I have decided after 21 years to say virtually the same thing.  I do, however, understand why people act under the false assumption that they do not need an attorney.  The people who are unsure as to whether a lawyer can help are divided into two categories:

The first is when a person who feels they are innocent, and a result, does not feel it is fair to have to pay for a lawyer.  I understand this person's point of view and ordinarily explain that an innocent person needs a better lawyer than a guilty person.  Emotionally it is tough for an innocent person to understand that it will cost time and money to defend him or herself.  I honestly understand these emotions.  No system of justice is perfect, and our system is designed as adversarial.  The State is represented by an attorney and has unlimited resources.  Your Georgia DUI Defense Attorney needs to be up to the task of defending your interests, whether you are innocent or guilty of the crime charged.

The second caller who questions their need for a Georgia DUI Lawyer is the person who feels that their case is hopeless, and as a result, the lawyer would provide little help.  This person can sometimes be convinced that we can help.  If you are guilty, that does not mean the police followed all the rules and procedures required for a DUI arrest.  We often find technical defenses to our client's cases.

Furthermore, even in the absence of defenses, we can negotiate favorable outcomes through plea bargaining.  Those results can include getting a permit to drive, lower fines, less community service, and less time in jail (depending on the case).

Although I am technically not in the business of trying to convince people to hire a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I do hope if you or a loved one is charged that you get proper legal representation.  I hope we are the firm you choose, but even if we are not, hire the best Georgia DUI Lawyer you can find. 

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