When You Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney in Georgia

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There is a fundamental cost-benefit analysis anyone must do before deciding to contest their Georgia Traffic Ticket; because not everyone needs a Georgia Traffic Ticket Lawyer

To begin with, unless a driver holds a CDL (commercial drivers license) our courts do not report traffic offenses where the speed is 14 miles per hour (or less) over the speed limit.  As a result, most drivers do not need a Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney for minor speeding cases. 

For all other offenses, the driver must decide whether it is worthwhile to hire counsel.  Here are some things to consider:

10 Reasons to Hire an Attorney After Receiving a Georgia Traffic Ticket: 

  1. The driver has a clean driving record and wants to maintain it for insurance or employment reasons.
  2. The driver wants to maintain a safe driver discount on their auto insurance.
  3. The driver is at risk of a points suspension for getting 15 or more points.
  4. The driver is covered under their employer's insurance policy.
  5. The driver has a CDL and could lose a job or suffer a license suspension.
  6. The driver is under the age of 21. The rules for young drivers are far more restrictive, and as a result, many traffic tickets in Georgia can result in a license suspension.
  7. The driver lives out-of-state and wishes to have an attorney appear in court on his or her behalf.
  8. The driver is not guilty of the alleged offense and as a matter of principal wants to fight the case.
  9. The traffic ticket carries 4 or more points such as with passing a school bus, reckless driving, and aggressive driving.
  10. The driver has missed his or her court date and is facing a suspended license and arrest warrant because of their failure to appear in court or pay the fine before the court date.

The above-listed reasons should always be weighed against the cost and time commitment associated with fighting a traffic ticket.  Keep in mind that even in cases where a lawyer can keep a ticket from appearing on a person's motor vehicle report (MVR), the accused is likely going to pay the same fine.  As a result, the cost of the case is likely to be greater when taking into consideration the addition of attorney fees.  The point of having an attorney's help in this situation is to minimize the impact of the case on a person's record, not cost savings.   

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