Why are outcomes different depending on where someone is arrested

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One of the most difficult things for clients and potential clients to understand is how other people who are similarly charged can get better outcomes.  People read my reviews on AVVO and see people who are charged with DUI and have had their cases dismissed or reduced.  Clients also know friends and family that have had good outcomes in their DUI cases as well.  At the same time they are presented by me or by other lawyers the incomprehensible reality that their case will not be won.

My clients ask me the following:

Why does this happen?

Why are they being treated differently?

Why don't I care enough about the case to win?

I know that this means that you may be treated unfairly, but it has nothing to do with how much I care about your case. I give the same effort and dedication to all my cases. There is no conspiracy against you.  You have run into the stark reality that law, like everything else, is a human endeavor.  That means there are things that are inconsistent and unfair. This means that the outcome can depend on the prosecutor or judge assigned to the case.  The outcome can also depend on the actual jurisdiction in which the case is heard.

Specifically, that means that different jurisdictions handle cases differently and have different levels of fairness.  We Georgia DUI Lawyers many times know which jurisdictions are more fair.  We always know which Georgia DUI Prosecutors are more reasonable.  However, if we broadcast the places and names where clients are treated more fairly, the outcome will be political pressure on those persons and places to "crack down on DUI Drivers."

I truly understand how upsetting your case is to you.  I truly understand that if you are facing a more difficult jurisdiction, it is incredibly unfair. I promise to do my very best in every case.  I will also tell you if you are facing a more difficult jurisdiction, court, judge or prosecutor.  I only ask you to try to understand that there are some things I cannot change.  I have to work with whenever circumstance are presented.

If you arrested for a Georgia DUI, contact my office immediately.  I will work tirelessly for you.  I am available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, weekends, and holidays because your problems deserve immediate legal attention.  Contact me today. If you are looking for the latest Georgia DUI Information, this site is designed to keep you up to date, 365 days a year.  We are dedicated to giving you the latest DUI Information in Georgia.

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