Why Did I Choose to be a Georgia DUI Lawyer?

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Being a criminal defense attorney that focuses on Georgia DUI Cases does not exactly make me “Mr. Popular.”

People often ask me why I choose this job.  The answer is that I feel people charged with committing a crime deserve an advocate.  

The great Georgia’s DUI Laws can be very unforgiving to people who have made a one-time mistake.  

Is the job of a Georgia DUI Attorney to “get people off?”

My job is to look for all potential legal and factual defenses.  My job is then to advocate on my client's behalf.  If necessary, my job is to make the state prove their case before a jury.

Essentially, my job is to hold the state to its burden of proof, which is beyond all reasonable doubt.  The idea that everyone is "getting off" of all of their charges is comical.  Fighting a DUI case is an uphill battle. The state has every advantage including:

  • Choosing the charge or charges against the accused
  • Forcing someone to come to court through compulsory process
  • Deciding to charge clients with multiple versions of the same offense
  • Controlling the access to evidence
  • Having unlimited resources to prosecute someone, including access to hundreds of expert witnesses
  • Choosing the time and place of a charge or charges
  • Going first in trial (opening statement)
  • Having the final argument in trial (closing argument)

The idea that the defense has the advantage is comical.  Our clients barely can afford their legal fees. Most people who call us cannot.  Our clients struggle to afford expert witnesses, while the government can use the public treasury to fund their litigation.  The state gets the first and the last argument in court.  The defense is always responding to the government's evidence. 

Being an Underdog:

When I think about my career choice, I must either be a gluten for punishment, or I must enjoy being an underdog.  The truth is that our clients are the underdog, and I like helping them and their families.  This is why our Georgia DUI Lawyers are here 24/7 to help.

Practice Note:

Being a criminal lawyer means learning to accept being told “no” most of the time.  All successful criminal attorneys need to have a thick skin and the ability to bounce back quickly.  

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