Why Do I Need a Lawyer for My First Georgia DUI?

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As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, I consult with many individuals who have received their First DUI in Georgia. The majority of the time, there is a confusion as to why it is so important to get representation.

A big misconception that I hear all the time is that “it's my first offense,” and therefore, it is inferred that the crime won't be taken as seriously. DUI Law is complicated in the state of Georgia, and a DUI arrest should not be taken lightly. In all cases, we explore every option - from the different legal and factual defenses to the circumstances surrounding the arrest. We are also very experienced in negotiation and alternative sentences.

In today's post, I will outline the different DUI penalties that an individual can face even after just a first time arrest for DUI in Georgia as well as the most important considerations when choosing a lawyer as your representation in a DUI case.

Georgia DUI Penalties

Some people are under the impression that the consequences for a first DUI conviction are not serious, and therefore should not be taken seriously. This is highly incorrect. The reality is that in Georgia you can receive time in jail and license suspension for up to a year. 

Getting arrested for the first time can be extremely overwhelming. Most individuals are just happy to be bonded out and would rather not think about all of the aftermath of the arrest until the court date. This couldn't be more of a mistake unfortunately.

In Georgia, you only have 30 days to file an appeal of the suspension of your driver's license. Moreover, it is vital to hire representation that can help to mitigate the harsh Georgia DUI Penalties. Georgia has some of the harshest DUI laws in the country.

If convicted of your first DUI in Georgia, you are facing any of the following consequences:

  • 12 months of probation
  • Fines of $300 - $1000
  • 1-10 days in jail
  • 40 hours of community service
  • License suspension
  • Alcohol and Drug Counseling
  • Mandatory treatment
  • DUI School

Choosing a Georgia DUI Lawyer

The above-mentioned consequences are why I do my best to warn people who have been arrested for DUI in Georgia. It is absolutely in their best interest to hire an attorney to represent them in their DUI case. Choosing the right attorney can be very stressful, but here at Lawson and Berry we try to make it as simple of a process as possible.

The key to choosing the best Georgia DUI Attorney is to find someone who is trained in DUI defense tactics as well as someone who is not only familiar but well-practiced in the various counties and jurisdictions in Georgia. As a firm, we have over 50 years of combined experience in Georgia DUI Defense. General practitioners or even criminal defense lawyers are not equipped to handle DUI cases in Georgia.

This state takes DUI very seriously. Therefore, we take DUI very seriously. If you or a loved one has been arrested for DUI, contact our offices now. We understand the importance of your case and choosing the right DUI lawyer is the most important thing you can do after a DUI arrest. Call us now.

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