Why Georgia DUI Lawyers Go to Seminars

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Several times a year clients are told I am unavailable because I am at a seminar.  Some people may find it odd, but it is important for attorneys to get continuing education.  

In fact, I am writing this article from a seminar.  Some may think that a Georgia DUI Attorney with 22 years' experience does not have much he can learn.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  

The primary usefulness of a seminar is getting together with other Gwinnett County DUI Lawyers and hearing their perspectives on how they help their clients.  There is so much we can learn from other professionals.  

The law does not operate like a computer program.  The outcome of a case is not the result of a particular set of imputes.  In fact, different results, from similar facts are quite common.  That is why some attorneys are better than others.  

Mastering the law is about learning to both advise a client as to the best course of action and to advocate for him or her in court.  It also means that sometimes I have to stand up to a client when they are not rationally evaluating their case.  

It is my job to tell a client when they are wrong, and it is my job to do so in a respectful but forceful manner.  However, telling people what they may not want to hear is difficult.  When Gwinnett County DUI Attorneys get together to share experiences the beneficiary is our clients.

Yesterday, we learned about mastering voir dire (jury selection).  I have already learned new questions and techniques to help me select the best jury for my clients.  Keep in mind that I do not want a fair jury.  I want the best jury for my clients, and so does the prosecutor.  

Today, we will learn about how we can use expert witnesses in DUI cases.  Even though I have used several experts over the years, learning how other lawyers utilize expert testimony will help me make the best presentation for my clients.

The point is that we all have much to learn in our professions.  The day I stop learning should be the day I quit and do something else.  

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