Why we cannot predict the outcome of a case before we work on it

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Every week our Georgia DUI Lawyers speak to between 75-100 people. Very often callers want to know what will be the outcome of their case.

Worrying about the future is entirely understandable. Anyone who visits a doctor or lawyer wants to know what will happen to them. We understand.

However, no attorney can make promises insofar as to how a case will resolve until it is fully investigated. It is as simple as that.

When other lawyers make promises, it creates a difficult situation for us.  We know better, yet compete every day with firms that make impossible promises or predictions. That being said, we stand firm with the position that we cannot predict the outcome of your case until it has been thoroughly reviewed and investigated.

People also often ask us the percentage of Georgia DUI cases that are reduced to reckless driving or dismissed. It is a fair question that we, again, cannot answer. The fact that someone else's case was dismissed or reduced has no bearing on another person's case.

A criminal case cannot be reduced to a statistical analysis. Some people are innocent; some people are guilty; sometimes guilty people still have good cases, and sometimes an innocent person appears to have a strong case against him or her.

In DUI cases, some people take the breath or blood test, and some people refuse. Some people perform well on field sobriety tests and others perform poorly. Furthermore, each judge and prosecutor brings into court their own opinions about the seriousness, or lack thereof, in every case. The result is an endless number of permutations of possible facts.

That is why no attorney can predict the outcome of a case they have not investigated.

We pledge to do the best we can in every case while providing our clients the best legal and personal advice. Never face Georgia DUI Penalties without first speaking to our Georgia DUI Attorneys.  

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