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Many people are surprised we do not take every case.  There are several good reasons, and all of those reasons take into consideration the client's best interest. 

The most important reason is that we specialize in Georgia DUI defense and the tickets related to DUI.  As a Georgia DUI Specialist, we can focus our training and research on defending Georgia DUI cases.  As with physicians who specialize, having an emphasis on one area of the law makes us experts.  

Other Arguably Related Cases We Do Not Take and Why:

Our office handles tickets for the unlawful passing of a school bus but only for offenses issued by a police officer.  The reason is that when a police officer issues the ticket, a conviction will result in six points on a person's license and a fine up to $1000.  As a result, it is a more serious misdemeanor offense than reckless driving.  Many insurance companies will cancel someone convicted of this offense. 

When someone gets a school bus ticket in the mail, from a camera mounted on the bus, it is a civil infraction.  The maximum consequence is a fine, with no driver's license points.  Your insurance company will never be informed of the infraction.  Thus, the value of any legal services we can provide would be very limited, and the fine associated will be less than what we would charge to appear in court.  Thus, it is not in the client's best interest to hire us when a police officer does not issue the ticket.

The second example is a red-light violation issued by a camera.  We do not take on these cases for the same reasons listed above.  Again, it would not be in the client's best interest. 

A final example is a  citation that does not get reported to the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  Again, we do not take on cases where we do not add value.  A perfect example is when a person is charged with Too Fast for Conditions.  That offense is a "non-reportable" ticket.  As a result, when someone pays their fine, that is the only consequence.  

No Georgia DUI Lawyer should take on cases for which they cannot make a difference in a person's life or take on cases for which they are not trained.  When you call us, you know we focus our practice on providing the Best Georgia DUI Defense

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