Why You Should Take Advice When Calling a Lawyer

Posted by Richard Lawson | Mar 21, 2017 | 0 Comments

At least once daily someone calls my office to affirm their incorrect understanding of the law. It used to surprise me that someone would call to argue with me. Many people think they can handle their case without legal help, and most of the time they are wrong.

If you do not need an attorney, I will tell you:

There are plenty of people I talk to that do not need my help. I am more than happy to tell them. For example, if you have been charged with Illegally passing a school bus, and the ticket came in the mail, you do not need our help. The maximum fine is only $350.00, and the offense will not appear on your MVR. As a result, the cost of legal representation exceeds the benefit of having counsel.

Another example is when a person is only charged with the offense of open container. When associated with a DUI, open container is a serious offense that can cause a court to increase the punishment for the DUI. When a person is only charged with open container in Georgia, the maximum fine is $200.00. As a result, an attorney's fee would far exceed the maximum fine in the case.

There are many other similar examples. We are only interested in taking on cases where we can provide our clients a valuable service.

When you need an attorney:

I speak to people every day that under-estimate the seriousness of their situation. When I tell people that they need help, I do so in their best interest. I have even told people that I am so certain they need help, I will even refer them to someone else to show my sincerity.

Anyone charged with a serious traffic offense can be helped by an attorney. If charged, you should seriously consider getting help.

Anyone charged with a DUI, Hit and Run, Reckless Driving, Aggressive Driving, or a felony of any kind should get an attorney.

Any young person who is charged with a first offense should also seek the help of an attorney. Often we can keep the first offense off your record.

Please remember that your future is at stake. We are happy to help. Call 24/7 and one of our attorneys will be available.

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