Will DUI Exist in 15 Years?

Posted by Richard Lawson | Feb 05, 2016 | 0 Comments

As a Georgia DUI Lawyer, it has become increasingly apparent that I am becoming an endangered species.  That is excellent news.  I am of the opinion that DUI arrests will go down substantially over the next several years.  Eventually, DUI Arrests will become exceedingly rare.


Some of the most obvious reasons are ride-sharing services like Uber and vehicles that more and more drive themselves.  My 2015 vehicle does most of the highway driving itself through adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping technology. 

That is the beginning of a trend that will one day allow a person to tell their vehicle where to go and have it drive itself.  That is a reality, not science fiction.  Maxwell Smart used a shoe phone; Batman had a World Wide Web of information in the Batcave, and Captain Kirk had a flip phone.  Today, that science fiction is our everyday reality. The self-driving car will be here soon, and we will all be better for it. 

However, the real reason is a change in mentality.  Not only is DUI looked down upon in society, but there is also now much less of an excuse for it.  Young people are being socialized into the world where they can summon a car via a smartphone.  Riding Uber hundreds of times is far less expensive than a single DUI Arrest.

So, why wouldn't I be upset?  I will certainly need to find something else to do for a living.  First of all, I love technology and how it enriches all of our lives.  I am first to get every new gadget; whether perfected or not.  I have owned two electric cars as well.

Secondly, I have other talents and certainly can find a way to make myself useful.  Most importantly, I want safer roads for myself and the ones I love.  We should all want that. 

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