Woman Steals Friend's Truck and Crashes into Five Cars

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A 54 year-old Atlanta woman was arrested yesterday for alledgedly stealing her friend's truck and crashing into five other vehicles in southwest Atlanta.

Linda Thompson was riding with her friend, 43 year-old Christopher Johnson in his truck.  Thompson wanted Johnson to drop her off somewhere on Memorial Drive but Johnson told her that she hadn't given him enough gas money to drive her that far and said he'd drop her off at the West End.

Johnson stopped at a store sometime later and left Thompson in his truck with the keys in the ignition.  Thompson got into the driver's seat and took off in the truck.  Johnson jumped onto the truck and tried to get Thompson to stop but eventually fell off and she kept driving.  He was not hurt.

While driving, Thompson went over a curb and into a shopping plaza parking lot and hit three vehicles that were parked.  One vehicle suffered severe damage.

Police say that Thompson crossed Delowe Drive SW and went into another parking lot and damaged another vehicle.

Johnson's truck received significant damage from Thompson's wild ride until she was stopped by East Point GA Police.  She had cuts and bruises but was treated and was later released to police custody.

Thompson was charged with reckless conduct, 2nd degree criminal damage, theft by taking, hit-and-run, and reckless driving.  She is being held in the Fulton County Jail with a $12500 bond.  She also had an outstanding warrant on different charges from the Jonesboro Police.  The case will be prosecuted in Fulton County Superior Court due to the felony charge.

Hit-and-run and reckless driving are serious charges.  A hit-and-run can have harsher penalties than even a DUI!  Hit-and-run brings a six month hard license suspension, unlike a limited permit for first-time DUI.  Of course the most serious charge is the felony motor vehicle theft, which carries up to 10 years in prison.

A person under 21 that is convicted for reckless driving will lose their license to drive.  A reckless driving conviction for someone over 21 brings four points on their license.  Driving at a high rate of speed, weaving, and other dangerous driving that leads to an accident often results in a reckless driving charge.

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