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Every weekend I receive 7-8 calls from people who have been arrested who have to be in Atlanta Municipal Court on Monday morning. The first question everyone asks is: "Why do they have court so soon?"  Or, I am asked if this really is their court date?

The answer to the question is yes, but no.  As I tell all my clients, you can have "A" court date, but that doesn't mean it's "THE" court date.  In essence, there are substantive court dates and scheduling court dates.  Your first court date is a a scheduling date, however, that does not mean it's not important.  It's crucial to hire an Atlanta DUI Attorney right away, because in Atlanta all decisions about your  case are limited to a strict 60 day case-management plan.

The 60 day limit is real, but it has flexibility if your Atlanta DUI Lawyer is working towards a resolution of the case.  The most important thing is that the case is being handled toward a resolution.  In the past, cases would languish for a long time, but those days are over.  If the case languishes, it will be bound over to Fulton County State Court.  Such a bind over may not be in your best interest, and that is why hiring the Best Atlanta DUI Lawyers is so important.

Since Atlanta City Court is closed on Friday, any person arrested between Thursday and Sunday will have court Monday morning at 8:00 a.m. in Atlanta Municipal Court.  Your judge will be Judge Ward, and your courtroom is 5A.  However, when you hire one of the Best Atlanta DUI Attorneys, you can be excused from your initial court appearance.  We will appear for you.

There is no disadvantage to having your attorney appear for you at this hearing because it is not substantive and your case will not be decided that day.  The initial schedule of future appearances will be set.  In addition, your DUI Lawyer in Atlanta will file discovery motions in order to view the video of your arrest and read any arrest reports. It is far better for you to go to work or school and have your Georgia DUI Lawyer appear on your behalf. This will not violate the conditions of your bond, because when an attorney appears for you, it is as if you appeared yourself.

If you decide to appear without counsel, you will be asked to report back with counsel within 1-3 weeks.  If you hire an attorney in that period of time, he can appear at the next hearing without you as well.  The disadvantage in waiting to hire a lawyer is there will be less time to prepare your case.  In addition, there is no reason to miss work or school. Our office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days week.  That means we are available all weekend in order to be there for you Monday morning.  Contact us right away. 

The other thing to always remember is that in any Georgia DUI Case, there is only 10 days to have your Georgia DUI Attorney file an appeal of your administrative license suspension.  In all Georgia DUI Cases, if this appeal is not filed timely, you can suffer up to a 1 year suspension of your drivers license.  This is real.  Don't risk your drivers license.  Too many people call me after it's too late.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Atlanta GA and need immediate legal help, call our office at 404-816-4440.  We are the top-rated DUI Defense Firm in Georgia.  Read our AVVO Reviews and call now.

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